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Brief History

     In the years 1928-1930, a group of Chinese with vision, dynamism, and determination, foremost of whom were Lim Kua, Carlos Yap, Son Leon, Lim Bing and Uy Ping Kon, together with the inspiration and support of the Chinese community in Bohol, organized and erected the Bohol Chinese School along Carlos P. Garcia Avenue, Tagbilaran City, offering the basic elementary education, with emphasis on the teaching of Chinese Language Arts. Furthermore, it had also for its mission the establishment of an institution of learning that would bring about psychological and cultural blending among the Chinese and the Filipino communities, fostering good will and mutual understanding.

     The outbreak of World War II in 1941 temporarily interrupted the operation of the Bohol Chinese School. When liberation came in 1945, the school continued its operation and renewed its commitment to serve the educational needs of the youth. Thereafter, it continued to operate and serve the community until December 15, 1952 when the school became incorporated.

     With the advent of Presidential Decree 176 in 1973, which required the Filipinization of all foreign schools, the Bohol Chinese School was consequently change to Bohol Wisdom School. Along with the transformation, the Department of Education approved the inclusion into the regular curriculum the Chinese Language Arts as an essential component of the total school program.

     In June 1975, a big conflagration gutted down the BWS. During these hard times, classes were temporarily held in a rented building along Dagohoy Street, this city. Prompted by social demands of the school, a charitable-sprited group of Chinese volunteered to construct the needed building to house the students. In 1978, a two-storey concrete building was completed and once again, classes resumed at the downtown campus BWS along C.P.G. Avenue.

     The school year 1982-83 was a significant year in the history of BWS. The new administration boldly embarked on an unprecedented undertaking both in the academic and physical aspects of the school. BWS engaged remarkable development to attain grater heights in providing relevant quality education to its clientele. A number of academic innovations and educational breakthroughs were vigorously implemented to meet the growing needs of the students and to afford them quality education and Christian character formation. That same school year, also saw the formal opening of the Pre-School Course, offering Nursery and Kindergarten curriculum for children ages 4-6 years old.

     In 1986, the Department of Education granted government recognition to its Pre-School education.

     Cognizant of the ever-increasing population of the school, the Board of Trustees soon felt the dire need to transfer BWS to a bigger and more conductive learning environment. In the spirit of charity and altrusic service to humanity, the members of the Board pooled their resources to acquire a more ideal school site. The prime movers behind this are: Ang Ho, Lim Kon Tek, Te Lin, Kho King, Ding Peh, Go Kim Say, Khing Hong, Uy Tong Liong, Uy Chon San, Kim Sing, Kho Hok Sing, and Ang Tiao Sip with Restituto C. Tan, Alfonso L. Uy, Herbert Malmis, George T. Lim, Marlito C. Uy, Simplicio L. Yap Jr., John U. Yap, Frederick L. Ong, Wason C. Lim, Jose R. Ong, Alberta C. Torralba, Alexander R. Lim, Pablo O. Lim, Teofilo D. Lim and Marcial T. Lim as incorporators registered with the S.E.C. Thus, on December 8, 1986, a simple ground-breaking ceremony took place and a massive construction of school buildings ensued. Finally, in the school year 1987-88, BWS transferred permanently to its present location, a 1.8 hectare lot along C.P.G. North Avenue, Tagbilaran City.

     In response to the persistent request of the parents and students, BWS opened the first year and second year of the high school curriculum in the school year 1987-88. Since then, BWS offered the complete Secondary course. In the school year 1989-90, BWS held its first graduation of the high school department with 19 pioneering graduates. The following year, the new complete secondary department of BWS was granted government recognition by the DepED.

     In June 2004, BWS expanded its service to the community by opening its tertiary level with its flagship course, teacher education program. (with English, Math and Science as major fields) The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted government recognition to its tertiary level on October 16, 2006. The first batch of 12 college graduates had its graduation on March 25, 2008.

     The BOHOL WISDOM SCHOOL has gone a long way since its inception. Now, BWS stands with pride and dignity as an institution of learning, committed to offer quality education and Christian character formation to the youth of BOHOL.