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BWS, a non-stock and non-profit educational institution of learning was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 18, 1986.

BWS is a non-sectarian academic-oriented institution of learning, established, manage and operated by the elected members of the Board of Trustees, who are mostly composed of the Filipino-Chinese community in Bohol. It is a co-educational institution dedicated to the training of boys and girls alike in their preparation for life and service. The institution offers Pre-School, Grade School, Jr. and Sr. High, and College of Education.

All its courses are approved and accredited by the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education. In November 2008, the Bureau of Immigration granted BWS the authority to accept foreign students.

BWS respects the religious beliefs and practices of each individual and caters to all kinds of religious denominations. In line with religion classes for the Roman Catholics and Bible classes for the non-Catholic students.

As a school approved to offer Chinese language, BWS stresses on the study of Chinese aimed at developing ability in speech, reading and writing. Consequently, in accordance with its mission to establish strong relationships between the Filipinos and the Chinese, BWS believes that in promoting friendly relations and fostering a sprit of mutual understanding between them, the students can be greatly benefited, thereby, affording them a better chance of becoming more effective and productive citizens in our society.